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Online tube-a-thon fundraising

Online tube-a-thon fundraising

To start raising funds toward your Tube-a-thon goal, just follow the directions below:

Set up a webpage (it's super easy!) to collect your donations through our peer-to-peer program!  Click HERE, and then click "Start Fundraising" to set up your page.


Use Great American Opportunities:

Start by registering to get your own code number


Step 1: Visit the registration page at the fundraising store.

(It should look like the image below)

Step 2: Click "Start Here" Enter your personal info ("Student = You!and create your profile. For "Organization's online ID Number," enter 1296888

Step 3: Click "Save" and you will receive an immediate response with your personal code number. Write the number down so you can pass it along to anyone that would like to buy.

Step 4: Direct your shoppers to Tube-a-thon Supporter Directions   for directions on how to shop or directly to, click "Shop," and have them enter your personal code number. From there, profits will begin funding your tube-a-thon campership fund account!

Check out the tips below to help your fundraising efforts.
  • Check out the catalogue items so you can tell people all about the large variety of great items they have.
  • Send an e-mail, mail a letter/postcard, or call friends and family and ask them to take a look at the web site and help you earn your way to camp.
Here is a sample of a simple  message you can send : 
Hello from (add your name), 
"I am excited to tell you that I am working to earn money to help send less fortunate children to Camp Anokijig.  I'm participating in the Anokijig Tube-a-thon fundraiser. You can help by shopping the online gift, magazine, and snack catalogue which will give me a commission on everything sold.  They have some great products and a large variety of items to choose from.  Please take a look to see if there is something you might like for yourself or to buy as a gift for others.  All of the directions are at Tube-a-thon Supporter Directions  . When you go to shop just put in my code (insert code here)  and 40% of what you buy will go toward my efforts to raise pledges! This is perfect because you can get something nice for yourself, or send a great gift to a friend, and help me at the same time. (and help some less fortunate kids have a life changing experience.) Thank you for helping me help others.
 (Your Name)       
Give it a try today! All proceeds go to your tube-a-thon pledge account!

 For more information or questions contact Anokijig at