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Working at Summer Camp

Working at Summer Camp

Senior Staff positions are available for adults 18 and older, Junior Staff youth leadership positions are open to teens age 15 to 17. Application forms available online.

A staffing experience at Camp Anokijig is one of the most valuable life experiences you will ever have. Learn more and apply for our open Junior Staff and Senior Staff positions.

Why work at Camp Anokijig?


You will be responsible for managing people of diverse age groups in a host of different interpersonal and professional areas. This is a valuable experience wherever your career path may be headed.

Job Experience

If you are headed toward a career in education, social work, or any child oriented work; you will gain invaluable experience in hands-on situations. This may lead to great future references. Most importantly it will truly tell you if you have chosen the right career path.

Skill Development

Anokijigs’ paid staff training includes certification in CPR and First Aid. This coupled with sessions that teach invaluable skills in teaching, group leadership, and basic camp counseling techniques provide an opportunity for you to gain skills that are valuable in any career. Lifeguarding certification is also available at no cost.

Personal Growth

At camp, you will live in a new community. You will be exposed to many new situations with your co-workers, campers, and supervisors. Your ability to live and work productively with different people will help develop you into a greater person.

Program Development

Each summer during our paid staff training period, we re-evaluate our camp program. It is the responsibility of each staff member to ensure the continued tradition of quality programming at Anokijig. This is done by constantly seeking new and improving ideas to enhance the standard program. We take great pride in making the greatest possible use of all that a new and returning staff member has to offer.

Most of all you get to make a positive influence on many young people's lives.

Not to mention, it's FUN!