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Leadership Team

Leadership Team

We pride ourselves on having incredibly qualified, trained, and hardworking staff. "We serve!"

The Core Leadership Family

Finding a great camp for your child will cause you to consider many important issues, such as safety, programs, location, outcomes, and on and on.  No matter how much research you do, the bottom line defining the difference between great and average, between safe and reckless, between fun and boring is the staff.

All camps have a director and some have a few year round personnel with an influx of additional staff for the summer, but when considering camp staff, Anokijig hits the ball way out of the park.  Homerun! Nine full time year round professional staff with years of experience in youth work, outdoor education, and camp programming, just to mention a few.  These staff make up the core management team that is responsible for your children and the experiences that they will have at Anokijig.  They are highly capable and dedicated people who chose this profession because of their desire to serve children, and their love for the outdoors.  They are here because they want to make a difference while spending their lives doing something worthwhile.  Some came to Anokijig at an early age as a camper and returned after earning a college degree and gaining experiences in other fields. All of them bring one more important item to the table……they are from seasoned and loving families giving them a solid and well grounded  outlook when it comes to understanding and caring for children.  A crucial ingredient when considering the magnitude of responsibility and the level of trust you are bestowing on them.  The points of all of this......once you are here and you meet the staff, you will realize why kids love us and parents trust us!  

Summer Leadership Family

Each year, around May, the Leadership Family at Anokijig starts to grow in number, experiences, and enthusiasm.  Many of our summer leaders return year after year bringing with them a solid foundation of Anokijig values and lifestyles.  Some come from families with generations of campers and staff who we consider to be the guardians and bearers of the Anokijig mission.   All who join us for the season will have four things in common:  a dedication to working with children, an ability to communicate with them on a positive level, a lifestyle attitude that is engaging and productive, and a great respect for our natural world.  Some camps might hire a person just because they have a special skill like canoeing or archery.  At Anokijig, all our staff spends ten days at a formal training session so we have time to give them program experience, but in order to be chosen, they must demonstrate, exhibit, and convince us that they have that very special attitude about life that we have seen in the best of our leaders.  Without that spark, we recommend they seek out a less exciting camp.

All Anokijig staff will go through extensive interviews, background checks, previous employment reviews, reference checks, and training that will determine the best of the best.  Staff to Camper ratio far exceeds that which is recommended by the American Camp Association. 

Speaking of quality, many alumni staff come back and volunteer for a week or two just because they love it!